Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust

Helen Lee Maddox Greathouse

Helen was born in 1908 in Graford, Texas, in Palo Pinto County. She was one of five children, having three sisters and one brother. Her father was an attorney and her Helen Lee Maddox Greathousemother a housewife. She went to school in Tahoka, Texas, and in the late 1920’s, met the love of her life, Barney R. Greathouse. They married in September of 1929 and moved to Midland, Texas in December of 1929. In 1933 they bought the inventory of a failed drug store and opened their own in downtown Midland. In 1955 they moved from downtown to The Village, where the current Walgreen’s is located.

Helen worked beside her husband, doing much of the purchasing for the business, for over 37 years. They sold to Walgreen’s in 1970 and Barney passed away in 1973. They traveled all over the world and at one time had ‘fished’ in every free country in the world. Helen always liked to brag that she caught more than Barney and could also ‘out hunt’ him!

In later years, Helen became much involved with M.A.R.C. and the CPC Center, as well as Manor Park. She was a caring, giving individual and had an especially warm spot for any and all children (or adults) with any physical or mental handicap or challenge. Helen gave personally to these causes and to her church, First United Methodist, in Midland. In 1997, Helen created the Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust, which was to become the foundation and source of her “leaving the legacy” which was her way to give back to the community she truly loved. Helen passed away in 2001, but her ‘legacy’ is only beginning.

Barney R. Greathouse

Barney was born in and raised in Blackwell, Texas. In 1929, he married the love of his life, Helen Lee Maddox, and they moved to Midland, Texas in December of 1929. Barney R. GreathouseIn 1933, they bought the inventory of a failed drug store, and opened one of their own in downtown Midland. Side-by-side, he and Helen worked for over 37 years. They opened another drug store in downtown Odessa in 1950 and moved the Midland location to The Village in 1955. Barney and Helen sold to the Walgreen Company in 1970.

Barney was quite involved in the community. He had a wonderful reputation of offering ‘free’ medicine to all children whose families could not afford it. He was a Director of the Midland National Bank, now, Wells Fargo Bank, from 1961 until 1973. He served on the Board of the Texas Methodist Foundation. He was a Director of the Midland Chamber of Commerce. He and former President, George H. W. Bush, and two other prominent citizens chartered the Commercial Bank and Trust, now Chase Bank, in Midland.

He served on the Board of Midland Presbyterian Homes, now, Manor Park, from 1963 (it’s inception) until 1973. He was instrumental in getting Trinity Towers started. He and a few other citizens helped organize the Midland Savings Association, and he served as a Director in 1953. He was a one time member of the Midland Rotary Club. Barney was a long time member of the First United Methodist Church in Midland.

He and Helen traveled the world; seeing, hunting, and fishing. His untimely death in 1973 did not allow him to see the fruits of his work and giving spirit, which was shared by Helen. She saw that their efforts and legacy were carried out when she created the Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust in 1997. Barney would be very proud of what that has and will mean to the community he so loved. 

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